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Media Relations are an aspect of public relations. The term is simply meant that the media relation focuses solely on the relationship between the media and the company. The media uses different outlets and coverage to tell the company’s story, rather than directly engaging the public. The lines between public relations and media relations are quite blurred, because of the evolution of the internet and our connected society.

Harvesto Consulting is one of the leading outlets that are providing companies with media PR services. This service is basically best for those businesses, which are newcomers in the market and want to spread and tells about their newly started organization through PR.


Media Public relations is one of the marketing sectors that has risen significantly in recent years. Brands have been devoting more time and money into this industry, particularly with the lockdown. The advantages of public relations are apparent. When employed successfully and on time, public relations may assist brands in a variety of ways.

Media relations are a critical component.  It is critical to maintain relationships with the media in order to effectively serve clients. But as a professional, Harvesto consulting already provided results of media PR service effectively. Let us go over this in-depth and try to understand why media relations are such an important component for businesses to generate of public relations

Brand Awareness: One of the key reasons why media relations are crucial in PR is that they can aid to raise brand recognition among the brand's target audience. One could wonder how this happens. Our media public relations services devote a significant amount of time to developing connections with members of the media. This comprises journalists from major news organizations. When a brand launches a new intervention, they frequently require media publicity.

Third-Party Intervention: People frequently recognize when they are being sold when they see anything offered to them, regardless of the manner of advertisement. Direct communication occurs between the brand and the consumers. However, in public relations, a third party intervenes when media outlets write or discuss the brand. The audience is more likely to believe a third party praising or discussing the brand and their fresh involvement than the brand itself.

Crisis Management: When a firm faces a crisis, it can be difficult to maintain control of the situation. And crisis communication is one of the most crucial functions of public relations. Communication during such circumstances can frequently make or break the brand. In such cases, media relations can be extremely beneficial. In such circumstances, brands must convey numerous messages to consumers. And we are basically connected media to convey that messages to you and build engagements. That procedure is made easier by media relations. Having effective media relations can also help the brand take control of the story.

Increase website Traffic: Harvesto Consulting helps you to make positive pieces of media attention, that can help the brand in a variety of ways. One example is that it can increase visitors to the brand's website. Especially when a reputable and trustworthy media source is involved. It can even extend the reach of the brand's social media handles and help them flourish. This can also arise as a result of media relations. Customers, as previously said, are more likely to trust a third party. This is why our service will hike you there through positive media publicity, which can often lead to increased internet traffic for your brand.