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Do you want to expand your business reach across the world and decrease your operational cost and maximize profit? Harvesto provides you services at multiple global locations and it helps you to empower your business across the nation with excellent performance and credibility.

Harvesto is also known as an IT Outsourcing service provider which effectively delivers IT-enabled business processes, infrastructure solutions, and application services for maximum business outcomes.  Outsourcing is a regular practice in which we provide business functions and processes to third-party providers and empower their business.


There are many reasons why you choose outsourcing for your business, particular task, or any process.

Improve focus on business activities: IT Outsourcing can help to free your business to focus on its core strength and also allow staff to concentrate on their main tasks and future strategies.

Increased efficiency: By choosing our outsourcing company, we specialize in the process or services that you want us to carry out for you to achieve move productivity and build efficiency, and better quality.

Control costs: Harvesto helps you to control and minimize your capital of investments through outsourcing.

Time-Saving and Upscale fast: IT Outsourcing service will provide your business with significant time saving and upscale fast by our outsourcing team and you don’t have to advertise for interviews, or employee training because this can be very time-consuming and all of the processes are done by outsourcing vendor like us.

Uninterrupted Workflow: By outsourcing, your business will function round the clock and without any interruption of workflow.


There are mainly three types of outsourcing services provided by us and from all the companies in the market. and Harvesto is the leading IT Outsource service provider in the market.

1. Offshoring: Offshore outsourcing means outsourcing the IT services to a distant location to benefit from labor costs. And in offshoring, the time difference is about at least 5 to 6 hours.

2. Nearshoring: Nearshoring is quite similar to offshoring but has a difference: nearshoring means we provide outsourcing software development or other IT functions to a location that is much closer to our location.

3. Onshoring: Onshoring is also referring as homeshoring, in which we help you and a number of businesses but all the businesses are located within our national borders.