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Influencer marketing is basically a type of marketing that we use to promote our brands or products in a larger market through some influencers and opinion leaders who hold a rich position in the market and have some quality followers.

Harvesto Consulting is the leading marketing agency that helps you to create higher brand engagements and sell through our influencer marketing service. Influencer marketing is closely related to social media marketing, as most opinion leaders gather their audience through social media platforms. This service helps you to gather an enormous audience because half of the global population is available online and uses social media.

Influencer marketing enables you to reach people that you can’t attain through traditional marketing methods. And most people take and follow the influencer’s advice and recommendations. The ratio says that 80% of the users purchased something based on the influencer's recommendation.


Influencer marketing is such an effective way to improve your marketing strategy to reach business objectives and even cut off the expenses of some other traditional marketing techniques. Let’s get more detailed information about the benefits of marketing through Influencers.

Brand awareness growth: As the record says, 40% of the business uses influencer marketing and the strategy works great. With our services, opinion leaders share your brand story, missions, benefits, and value through their follower base and encourage the audience to reach out to you and your brand.

Content strategy enrichment: Harvesto consulting provides you the golden opportunity to liven up your social media posts. You can repost your influencer content and encourage their following to create user-generated content, as 24% of brands do. And you can use bloggers’ images to gather audiences for other marketing channels. To avoid copyright problems.

Quality lead generation: The ratio says that 36% of brands use influencer marketing to generate leads and 72% of them are believed that influencer marketing generates more quality leads, compared to other marketing channels, Harvesto consulting provides your favorite influencer to generate leads from the specific type of audience.

Cost-effectiveness: Other marketing channels required a regular basis investment to promote your brands via search engine marketing, you have to top up your account of the advertising platform.

A well-planned influencer marketing approach might help you get better outcomes for less money or even open the door to future bartering. Another point to mention is that firms typically make $5.20 for every $1 they spend on influencer marketing.